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Coffee Villa Rica

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Coffee Villa Rica is a pearl of Peru. Each cup offers a round and balanced taste thanks to its medium roast. Let yourself be seduced by its bewitching notes of chocolate and caramel.

- Origin: Peru

- Harvest altitude: 1600-1850 m

- Roast: medium

- Taste: Round, balanced

- Note: Chocolate, caramel


Coffee Villa Rica
Coffee Villa Rica Sale price€8,60

Sourcing note

Our Villa Rica coffee takes its name from the original town, Villa Rica, located in the heights of Peru between 1600 and 1850 meters above sea level. Cultivated by the Yanesha cooperative, certified organic and Fairtrade, this 100% Arabica coffee is an authentic representation of the Peruvian terroir. With a medium roast, it offers a round and balanced taste, enhanced with captivating notes of chocolate and caramel. By tasting Villa Rica, you are supporting a cooperative dedicated to social justice and sustainability, while exploring the rich flavors of Peru.

Tasting note

On the nose : Café Villa Rica releases gourmet aromas of chocolate and caramel that awaken the senses.

In the mouth : Medium roasting reveals a round and balanced taste, where notes of chocolate mingle deliciously with caramel. The harmony of flavors is perfectly preserved, reflecting the richness of the Peruvian terroir.

This taste journey to the heart of Peru offers a unique coffee experience, inviting you to discover the sweetness and complexity of Villa Rica Coffee with every sip.