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Coffee Salento

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Coffee Salento is a Colombian treasure offering a complex sweetness. Its acidity is balanced by captivating notes of red fruits and caramelized almonds.

- Origin: Colombia

- Roast: Clear

- Altitude: 1450 - 1900m

-Taste: Sweet, complex, tangy

- Note: Red fruits, caramelized almonds

Coffee Salento
Coffee Salento Sale price€8,90

Sourcing Note

Our Salento Coffee is a Colombian treasure grown in the fertile region of Santander, between altitudes of 1,450 and 1,900 meters . From the Kachalu cooperative , this 100% Arabica coffee is organic and Fairtrade certified , reflecting a commitment to sustainable agriculture and fairness.

The sweet and complex flavors of this coffee are the result of a rich terroir and the expertise of Kachalu growers. By enjoying Café Salento, you not only taste quality coffee, but also support a cooperative that values ​​social and environmental justice.

Embark with us on this ethical and taste adventure in the heart of Colombia with each cup of Café Salento.

Tasting note

On the nose : The delicate aroma of Café Salento reveals a gourmet bouquet of red fruits, enhanced by the tempting sweetness of caramelized almonds.

In the mouth : The intrigue begins with a complex sweetness, where the acidity is perfectly balanced, creating a pleasant backdrop for the explosion of flavors of red fruits and caramelized almonds. The light roast highlights the tangy freshness, while allowing the sweet and indulgent notes to shine.

Café Salento is a celebration of sweetness and complexity, offering a tasting that is at once sweet, tangy and incredibly rich. A gourmet escapade that invites you to discover the hidden treasures of the Colombian region with every sip.