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Coffee Moroccan is a pride of the Onany Coffee range. The fruit of a meticulously crafted blend, it stands out for its full-bodied intensity, making it the most robust coffee in our collection. Each cup reflects the authenticity of our passion for coffee and the high standards of our selection.


Coffee Tikal is a tribute to Guatemala’s rich heritage. Grown at high altitude, this 100% Arabica coffee offers a creamy and intense body, enhanced by gourmet notes of dark chocolate and candied oranges. Its dark roasting reinforces its character and depth. Directly sourced from Guatemalan coffee farmers, Café Tikal is not only certified Organic and Fairtrade, but it also embodies our commitment to excellence, traceability and sustainable and ethical practices.


Coffee Bourbon stands out for its refined blend of carefully selected coffee beans, from different regions of the world, to offer a flavor that is both intense and nuanced. Many hours were spent refining this composition to guarantee a unique and rich taste. It pairs wonderfully with milk, making it the ideal choice for preparing cappuccinos, lattes and more.


We source our products directly from coffee growers in Colombia, thus guaranteeing impeccable traceability and quality. Café Salento stands out for its light roast and its unique taste profile: a smooth and complex flavor, with a slight acidity, enhanced by aromatic notes of red fruits and caramelized almonds. Cultivated at an altitude varying between 1450 and 1900 meters, this coffee captures the quintessence of the Colombian terroir.

Villa Rica

We source our products directly from coffee growers in Peru to present Villa Rica coffee to you. Cultivated at an altitude varying between 1600 and 1850 meters, this coffee reveals a round and balanced taste, characteristic of its medium roast. Its taste profile is enriched by delicate notes of chocolate and caramel, reflecting the richness of the Peruvian terroir.


The desert, where the essential takes on meaning