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Coffee Bourbon

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Bourbon Onany Blend

Coffee Bourbon is a blend of premium coffee beans with a unique, rich taste.

- Origin: Uganda, Brazil, Vietnam, India

- Intensity: Balance

- Roast: Medium

- Note: Cocoa, hazelnuts

Coffee Bourbon
Coffee Bourbon Sale price€8,75

Sourcing note

Café Bourbon stands out for its refined blend of carefully selected coffee beans, from different regions of the world, to offer a flavor that is both intense and nuanced. Many hours were spent refining this composition to guarantee a unique and rich taste. It pairs wonderfully with milk, making it the ideal choice for preparing cappuccinos, lattes and more.

Tasting note

On the nose : Bourbon Onany Blend awakens the senses with gourmet aromas of cocoa and hazelnuts.

In the mouth : The medium roast highlights a balanced intensity, where the notes of cocoa blend harmoniously with the hazelnuts, offering a unique and rich taste.

This blend, carefully composed of beans from Uganda, Brazil, Vietnam and India, invites you on a taste journey, revealing the harmony of the terroirs through a cup of coffee.