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Onany Coffee pro

We offer quality coffee machines as well as premium coffee at competitive prices, designed to satisfy all your caffeinated cravings without compromising your budget.

Your more dynamic teams

Strengthen the cohesion of your team and stimulate creativity over a cup of our coffee. By introducing our coffee machines and our refined selection of coffees, we facilitate exchanges and collaboration within your company.

Discover how our solution can transform your workspace into a place of sharing and innovation, while providing a quality experience at a competitive price.

A premium coffee

Embark on a caffeinated adventure with our unique blend from the renowned terroirs of Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Brazil and Uganda. Colombia, with its ideal climate, offers us a balanced coffee, while the volcanic soils of Guatemala generate a sweet aroma. The diversity and richness of the world's coffee traditions.

A robust machine

Opt for the magic of Cup Office, your office coffee accomplice. Compact, powerful and disconcertingly simple, it is the ideal ally for small and medium-sized structures. Its quiet mill and chic design make it an object of desire. With a 4 liter water tank, a 500 g grain stock and a height of 43 cm, it fits everywhere. Adjust and fine-tune your coffee choices like a seasoned barista. Make every coffee break a moment of taste escape without leaving your office!

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Ask for a quote